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List of Works

Please note, this is a work in progress. If you have any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


The Soul Market. (1906).  Hutchinson & Co. 

Baby Toilers. (1907). Hutchinson & Co.

Thirteen Nights. (1908). Hodder & Stoughton. 

A Year and a Day. (1912). Hutchinson & Co. 

The White Slave Market. (1912). Stanley Paul & Co.


Mackirdy's Weekly (1914) 


Series: The Heart of All Things (Later published as The Soul Market). Pearson's Weekly. 

- Title unknown, article on Homeless and destitute women, sleeping on the street. (November 1904)

- "The Seamy Side of London Life" (December 1904) 

- "III. Gilding the Gutter: An Account of the Lives of the Costermongers" (January 1905) 

- "IV. Music in the By-ways." (February 1905). 

- "V. The Makers of Millions: An Account of the Life of London's Factory Girls" (March 1905). 

- “VI. The Story of Waitresses and Shopgirls”  (June 1905) 

- "VII. The Slaves of Society" (July 1905)


Series: The Alien Question. (1905). Pearson's Magazine. (1905).

- "I. The Foreign Immigrant at Home" (April 1905)

- "II. The Promised Land." (May 1905)

"Women and the Money Market." (1906). The Ladies Realm. (November 1906).

"The Voice That Wins." (1906). The Ladies Realm. (December 1906).

"Men and their Disinclination for Marriage." (1907). The Ladies Realm. (January 1907).

"Conversation: The different and indifferent." (1907). The Ladies Realm. (April 1907).

"On Outpost Duty." (1907). The Quiver. (December 1907).

Series: The Writing on the Wall. Christian Globe. 

- "Slave and Sinner." (May 1908)

- "This Our Brother." (May 1908)

- "The Nether Millstone." (May 1908)

- "Poverty Pictures." (May 1908)

- "The Bitter Road." (June 1908)

- "A Bottle of Tears." (June 1908)

- "A Bit of Rope." (June 1908)

- "Crime Colleges." (June 1908)

- "Society Sharks." (July 1908)

- "The Children’s Bread." (July 1908)

- "Culture." (July 1908)

- "A Night Out." (July 1908)

- "Society Saints." (July 1908)

Series: The Family Skeleton. Christian Globe. 

- "I. Theories And Facts."  (August 1908)

- "II. The "Privileges" Of Service." (August 1908)

- "III. Tweeny." (August 1908)

- "IV. Cook." (August 1908)

- "V. Femme De Chambre." (September 1908)

- "VI. Under The Leads in London." (September 1908)

- "VII. Mary Anne." (September 1908)

- "VIII. General." (October 1908)

Series: The Lure of the Lights. Christian Globe. 

- "I. From The Front" (October 1908)

- "II. From Behind The Scenes." (October 1908)

- "III. In Harness." (October 1908)

- "IV. The Real Hub Of The Universe." (October 1908)

- "V. On The Road." (November 1908)

- "VI. Across The Water." (November 1908)

- "VII. Gay Paree And The Rest." (November 1908)

- "VIII. A Harp With Hidden Strings." (November 1908)

"Five Christmases in Five Lands" [2 part series]. Christian Globe. (December 1908)

"The Seven Ages of Woman: IV. The Bride." (1913). Frontier Sentinel. (August 1913).

Editorials in  Mackirdy's Weekly. 

- "Forward" (January 1914)

- "Our Firms and Us" (January 1914)

- "What the Music-Hall Stands For" (February 1914)

- "To My Friends" (February 1914)

- "Charity Versus Justice" (March 1914)

- "Deeds, Not Words" (March 1914)

- "Who Governs England?" (April 1914)

- "God and the Jerry Builder" (April 1914)

- "What is Prejudice?" (April 1914)

- "The New Conscience" (April 1914)

- "The Abandoned Child" (May 1914)

- "Champions of “the People” " (June 1914)

- "The Toll of the Sea" (June 1914)

- "Mob Law" (June 1914)

- "A Letter From Belfast" (July 1914)

- "The Pride Of Ireland" (July 1914)

- "What We Know Of Ulster" (August 1914)

- "Books and Thoughts" (August 1914)

- "The Largest Flax Spinning Mills In The World" (August 1914)

- "The Light In The Night" (August 1914) 

Series: Militancy Exposed. Mackirdy's Weekly. 

- i. The Wire Puller (January 1914)

- ii. Miss Pankhurst’s Plans (February 1914)

- iii. What Militancy Means (February 1914)

Series: My Life. Mackirdy's Weekly. 

- I. (March 1914)

- II. "Chapter II" (March 1914)

- III. (March 1914)

- IV. "Travels in India" (March 1914)

- V. (April 1914)

- VI. (April 1914)

- VII. "An Introduction to Domestic Service or Servitude" (April 1914)

- VIII. "General" (April 1914)

- IX. "Lady Help" (May 1914)

- X. "Mary Anne" (May 1914)

- XI. "Femme De Chambre" (May 1914)

- XII. "The Seaside Snare" (May 1914)


Series: Romances of Commerce. Mackirdy's Weekly. 

- i. The Soul of Comfort: The Story of the Chilprufe Manufacturing Company (May 1914)

- ii. A Perfect Food: The Story of Plasmon (May 1914)

- iii. A Royal Beverage: The Story of a visit to Messrs Fry's Historic House, Bristol (June 1914)

- iv. Edinburgh and London: The Stories of Messrs. McVitie and Price. (July 1914)

Series: Our Horizon. Mackirdy's Weekly. 

- 1 August 1914

- 8 August 1914

- 15 August 1914


The Speculator. (1908). T. Werner Laurie. 

Love's Soldier. (1913). Cassell and Company Ltd. 

Short Stories

"Yellow Rose". (1901). Pearson's Magazine. Volume XI. (1901).

Synopsis - A four year old girl called Yellow Rose attends school accompanied by her rag doll ‘Goldie’ and a puppy. Two years later, a fire breaks out at the school and Yellow Rose sneaks to rescue the doll and puppy, dying in the process.

"Sparrows". (1903). The Temperance Record, January 1903. National Temperance League. 

“The Star Garden: a story of a boy's love”. (1903). The Quiver. (September 1903). 

Synopsis - Set in the Isle of Scilly, a young boy Jim Pett finds joy in his friendship with his master’s five-year-old daughter Nestie Rachell. When Nestie is stranded on a rock amongst rising waves, Jim successfully rescues her in spite of his disability, but tragically drowns as a result.



"The Baby and the Bird." (1905). Pearson's Magazine. (February 1905).

"The Fool's Devotion." (1907). The Ladies Realm. (March 1907).

"Marriages Made on Earth". (1907). The Brandon Union. (October 1907).  

Poems (music by William Yeates Hurlstone)

'Seeta, the Dancer.' (1900). About a modest maiden in the service of an Indian temple, who becomes the object of the High Priest's admiration.

'The Slave Queen'. (c.1900). Set in the old Mogul capital of Agra. 


The Romance of the Red Rose (c.1903). A Romantic retelling of her ancestors' marriage. 


'The Captive'. (c.1903)  

Songs (with William Y Hurlstone) 

Five miniature Ballads. A song-cycle. (c.1907). Goodwin & Tabb. 

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