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"...the stories I tell have been burnt into my heart with too hot an iron to leave me much desire to paint the scars with brave colours. Others have pleaded for these little ones; now I add my voice to the cry — "Justice,   Justice!" " 

“My desire to render service to the needy, to the working girls and women in this country, was not because of romance or sentiment, but because of the knowledge that unless those who are able will fight the battle for those who are disabled, there can be no hope of eventual reforms in the social system."

"Our concern is not with what individuals may accomplish. We have merely to decide, and do what we each consider duty demands of us personally.” 

“It may be, that when one has been hungry and cold during many hours of hard toil, and found that, after all, the labour of one's hands could scarcely wring a bare living from these narrow times, that one is led to question the justice of the fate that has made the labourer so ill- considered an item in the economy of life, while those gathering the fruits of his labour are held in such esteem.”

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